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This is the status page for Fark's behind-the-scenes geekery. If there's a major outage or problem, we'll try to post something here about it (unless we're too up to our eyeballs in trying to actually fix it)... so check here if Fark's hosed for an extended length of time. Normally this page will be blank. :-) For more minor issues, see Mike's blog, or more likely, Mike's twitter, Drew's twitter, Fark twitter or all Fark staff/mod/admin twitters together. On (very!) rare occasion you may be able to catch Mike on the data center webcam.

Our normal hosting is at QX.net. This outage page is at Rackspace Cloud in case of backbone-related problems.

Fri Apr 17 15:38:30 EDT 2015: There was a brief 2-3 minute outage to install a major software update. The mobile site was down for a bit longer for some users, due to a bug in the update.

Thu Mar 12 15:15:48 EDT 2015: Currently dealing with a self-inflicted network problem, which is causing 502 errors on much of the website. The root cause appears to have been my screwing up spanning-tree really badly while adding a new VLAN, and this is now fixed. Some systems may take a while to recover though...

If you are seeing a delay before Fark starts to load (or Google, Facebook, or other sites since June 6, 2012), see http://test-ipv6.com/ or http://ipv6eyechart.ripe.net/ to see if you have IPv6 connectivity issues that might be causing the issues. If you are IPv4 only, then this test should say "When a publisher offers both IPv4 and IPv6, your browser appears to be happy to take the IPv4 site without delay." If it doesn't, you might... well... have delays. :) You might also try http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/ which can diagnose many problems with both IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

Mike the Server Monkey having a bad day

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