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This is the status page for Fark's behind-the-scenes geekery. If there's a major outage or problem, we'll try to post something here about it (unless we're too up to our eyeballs in trying to actually fix it)... so check here if Fark's hosed for an extended length of time. Normally this page will be blank. :-) For more minor issues, see Mike's blog, or much more likely, Mike's twitter, Drew's twitter, Fark twitter or all Fark staff/mod/admin twitters together. On (very!) rare occasion you may be able to catch Mike on our webcam at QX's data center.

Our normal hosting provider is QX.net, a local ISP here in Lexington, KY. This outage page is hosted at DigitalOcean in case of backbone-related problems.

Thu Jan 12 23:59:00 EST 2017: We'll have about half an hour of downtime after midnight ET tonight to do some hardware+software work on a file server. It's possible the site will stay up but that images in forums and in user profiles will stop working (both viewing and posting new).
12:41 am: running a few mins over. The FreeNAS reinstall is done, but the restore of the old config, and applying patches, is taking a bit longer.
1:07 am: about finished, I think. Took a while to beat nfsd into submission. May do one more reboot just to be sure it'll come up correctly next time.
1:13 am: everything came up correctly after a reboot this time, so I'm done.

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Mike the Server Monkey having a bad day
It's probably time I updated this picture.
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