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This is the status page for Fark's behind-the-scenes geekery. If there's a major outage or problem, we'll try to post something here about it (unless we're too up to our eyeballs in trying to actually fix it)... so check here if Fark's hosed for an extended length of time. Normally this page will be blank. :-) For more minor issues, see Mike's blog, or much more likely, Mike's twitter, Drew's twitter, Fark twitter or all Fark staff/mod/admin twitters together.

Our normal hosting provider is DigitalOcean (since July 2019). They have their own status page. This outage page is hosted at Amazon AWS in case of DigitalOcean problems.

Sun Oct 6 12:54:03 EDT 2019: Deliberately restarting database server to free up some swap (and reduce its memory usage a bit so it won't swap as much in future)

Mon Sep 30 12:13:28 EDT 2019: The database glitch a few minutes ago was self-inflicted, caused by me screwing up an index when trying to speed a query up. Fixed now.

Thu Sep 26 9:41:53 EDT 2019: A management VM was resized downwards (to make up some of the cost difference in enlarging the database VM). This resulted in about 20 minutes of degraded performance because one of the memcached instances was on that VM. I'll probably move memcached to two dedicated VMs later today so that the web servers aren't so dependenent on the management VM (update: that's now done)

Wed Sep 25 12:54:12 EDT 2019: There will be some downtime after midnight ET tonight to migrate the database to a larger VM, which is expected to help with performance. (We're also working on a redundant database solution, but that's going to take a bit longer.)
- outage started 1:27 am
- outage ended 1:50 am

No obvious issues at the moment.

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Mike the Server Monkey having a bad day
It's probably time I updated this picture from June 2008.
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